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Fudge Shaddows

Banish boring old blonde! With the new advanced

technology using super intense permanent pigments

mean just paint the easy mix cream directly onto hair,

there's no fear of the ghastly greens anymore!


The clever folks at Fudge bring an exciting light and

shade to fairer hair with their new 'Headpaint Shadows'

range. The effect creates luminous lowlights with darker

shades and shadows that subtly split or boldly break up

flat blocks of blonde locks. And Fudge calls their unique

look 'Fractured'.


It brings an even, natural, eye-catching deeper tones

that add interest and allure to bland blonde. It doesn't stop there, it also amp up shine and leave hair silky soft, the formulate regenerates with calming Green Tea that's brimming with antioxidants, and enriched with hydrating Argan Oil packed with Vitamin E. So you are deep conditioning your hair as you colour.


With creative products for creative people, comes creative names, the four Shadows shades don't leave you in the dark with their evocative titles either: with 'ILLUSTION', 'SECRECY', 'MASQUERADE', and 'MYSTIQUE'.


It is all part of the intriguing 'Fractured Fantasy' story.


Bold styling techniques using 'Headpaint Shadows' combined with 'Fudge Paintbox' are now showcased by enigmatic models in an artful series of ads that bring the fashion story to life.


Only £5 additional on top of your colour.

fudge shaddows